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Library mission
The Academic Library of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica is an organizational part of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica and provides library and information services for its users, such as researchers, teachers, students of all forms and degree levels and the professional public. The library acquires, processes, makes accessible and protects the library and information fund from the profile departments of the Academy of Arts and across social disciplines so as to fulfill the principle of free public access to information and documents.

Library collection
The Library collection is made up of books, almanacs, journals, printed music, music scores, audiovisual documents, Bachelor, Diploma and Dissertation thesis which were defended at the Academy of Arts. It specializes in literature and documents from the area of dramatic, music and fine arts. An important part of the library collection is created by publications donated from the estate of composer Svetozár Stračina. Information about library documents is available in online library catalog at

Library services
Library offers basic library and information services, complementary services, offers out-of-facility and in-facility lending. It is informative, bibliographic and advisory working place for teachers, scientific workers, doctoral students and students of the Academy.

Library equipment and facilities
The Academic Library is equipped with high quality audiovisual and multimedia reproduction equipment and it enables the students to play audio and video records.
Thanks to the project “Improvement of study process conditions by modernization of ICT, interior equipment and facilities reconstruction at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica”, which was co-financed from the funds of EU, the library has at its disposal modern projection sets which include data video projectors, laptops for video and data projections and TV projection sets. Other equipment includes large size LCD screens, multimedia network audio players, Blue-ray players and home cinemas. Library also disposes of 24 working stations terminals with the internet connection and possibility of printing output; two terminals are adjusted for the needs of visually impaired users.