Mobility project for higher education students and staff

Student mobility for studies (SMS)

A student may take part at student mobility for studies at a partner higher education institution for duration between 3 to 12 months or complete the whole master's degree abroad.

A student may go abroad for 3 to 12 months (including a combined internship if planned). The same student may receive study or internship funding for a total duration of up to 12 months at each academic level:

  • during studies at first academic degree level (bachelor’s degree or equivalent – European qualifications framework levels 5 and 6),
  • during studies at second academic degree level (master’s degree or equivalent – European qualifications framework level 7),
  • during studies at third academic degree level (doctoral degree – European qualifications framework level 8).

Erasmus+ mobility can be attended by students enrolled in a higher education institution and enrolled for studies ending with a recognized degree or other recognized tertiary level qualification (up to and including the doctorate level).
Mobility is based on an interinstitutional agreement between the home and host higher education institutions, which must be awarded Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

The selection process of students is done by the home institution and it must be conducted in a transparent and fair way.

Student mobility for placement (SMP)

Students may find a placement in a business abroad for duration of 2 to 12 months.

The duration of the internship for fresh graduates may be up to 12 months within one academic degree level, during which they applied to take part in the internship (during the final year of the given degree level). Graduates must apply for a grant while still studying at the higher education institution.

Staff mobility for teaching

Teachers at a higher education institution may teach at a partner higher institution or a higher institution may invite staff from a partner institution abroad to teach at their institution and pass on practical experience to students.

Staff mobility for training

Training for university staff - teachers and other staff of higher education institutions can take part in training or placement in an enterprise or higher education institution abroad.

Student and staff mobilities are based on Interinstitutional agreements.