About the studies

Higher education is acquired through studies within an accredited study program, according to the study plan in the particular form of studies. The studies are completed by a state examination and a successful graduate is awarded with one of the academic titles – Bc.,, ArtD. The study programs at Academy of Arts (AU) faculties focus on developing talent and creativity in the field of artistic performance and artistic work on the basis of artistic and humane principles. An important part of the artistic study program is artistic performance.

Study forms

  • Daily form of study is characterized by daily participation of the student in educational activities. In the study programs of the first and the second academic degree level and the study programs according to §53 par.(3) of the Higher Education Act, teaching with a direct contact with a university teacher and a student is required at least 18 hours a week during the teaching weeks of the semester; this does not apply to the length of traineeship connected with the studies or mobility.
  • The external form of study is characterized by predominantly independent studies and consultation.

Organization of studies

The organization of all academic degree levels and forms of higher education is based on a credit system which is based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). ECTC enables to assess the student's study load associated with the completion of study units - study courses, facilitates the openness of the academy from within, its supports student mobility and provides the students with the possibility to participate in the preparation of their study plan. To successfully finish any type of accredited study program, it’s necessary to achieve a minimum number of required credits: 180-240 credits in Bachelor's degree programs, 120 credits in follow-up Master's degree study programs. A credit represents a quantitative expression of the student's study load; the student's standard load in each semester thus represents 30 credits (60 credits in the academic year).

Accredited study programs

Accredited study programs
Higher education is acquired through studies in accredited study programs and after the fulfillment of the study conditions is completed by the state examination and by obtaining one of the academic degrees - Bc.,, ArtD.

Bachelor’s degree study programs - provided in daily form of studies
Bachelor's degree study programs with a standard length of study of 3 or 4 years (6 or 8 semesters) are conducted only in the daily form of study. Their concept is focused on developing talent, creativity, manual, technical and technological skills. A characteristic feature of the entire education process is the individual teacher’s approach, active communication and orientation in the art subject reflecting the specifics of the particular study program. The acquired knowledge, skills and abilities are put to practice by students through their artistic output. Bachelor’s degree study programs provide students with the development of conceptual thinking, theoretical knowledge and technical skills necessary for their continuous education and personal and artistic growth. Graduate of the bachelor's degree studies is awarded a title "Bachelor" -Bc. (BA).

Master's degree study programs - provided in daily form of study
Master study programs with a standard length of study of 2 years (4 semesters) are only realized in the daily form of study. Master's degree is a free continuation of bachelor’s degree studies with the goal to further deepen the theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It strongly supports forms of professionally managed and directed self-study and self-profiling. The learning process emphasizes the students' ability to analyze and interpret their work and then to present it. Graduate of the master's degree program is awarded the title of "Master of art" - (MA).

Doctoral study programs - provided in daily and external forms of study
Doctoral study programs are realized in a daily study form with a standard length of 3 or 4 years (6 or 8 semesters) and external study form with a standard length 4 or 5 years of study (8 or 10 semesters).
Doctoral studies are realized according to an individual study plan, which is compiled by the advisor and approved by the field-of-study commission. Part of the doctoral study in daily form is teaching and other professional activity associated with it. Doctoral study is completed by defense of dissertation work. Graduate of doctoral studies is awarded the title "Doctor of Art" ("artis doctor", abbreviated "ArtD.").

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